‘Casemiro’ insists he’s still fit – points out that age isn’t important.

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Casemiro, Manchester United’s essential centre-back, insists he is still in good physical condition and insists age is not a factor in the Premier League.

The Brazilian midfielder has been criticized for his physical condition and fitness, which appears to have deteriorated as he enters his 30s.

In an interview after the season-ending game, Casemiro spoke about the matter and confirmed that he was happy with the club. “My body feels really good right now.”

“I feel really good. Feeling fit with energy and mentality, which I always have about. I often hear people talk about the age factor. But this has been proven.

“Recently my friend Thiago Silva came here and showed that you can play. And the latest Ballon d’Or winner is 34 years old.”

“At Manchester City, they have Kevin De Bruyne, like Salah and Liverpool, โปรโมชั่น ufabet I think age isn’t a problem. It’s not a factor in this matter. But we just need to analyze our game. and read the game well.”

“These names are people who read the game of football very well. Know what will happen next. Reading the game is not a matter of age, but I’m OK with it. I’m happy with my daily life here. “

As I always say, Manchester United is fun to play at. On the pitch, playing in the Premier League, that’s what I wanted, so I’m happy to be here at Manchester United and enjoying playing here.”