Felix Sanchez: “This is a historic moment for Qatar.”

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Felix Sanchez: “This is a historic moment for Qatar.”

Qatar national team manager Felix Sanchez Said before the opening game. The 2022 World Cup will certainly be a historic moment for the country.

Qatar has never been to a World Cup final before. And this time they enter the finals for the first time under Sanchez. Who has involv in Qatari football since 2006. Qatar currently ranks in the top 50 of the world’s top football leagues. Rate by FIFA And their first game is against Ecuador.

“It’s an important day for all of us. It’s a historic moment. Happy moments for all of us. It will be a special day for the people of this country. And we all give our best. invested heavily in the World Cup.”

“I hope it will be a party where we can all enjoy football. Hope everyone from all over the world will enjoy the experience this time Of course. I’m happy to lead the team in the opening game. All of us on the team are motivated to be part of the game. Looking forward to this very moment.”

Felix Sanchez, 46, a Spaniard, had 10 years of experience working in Barcelona’s youth teams. Before joining Qatar’s sports development centre, Aspire Academy. In 2006, before coming to work in the Qatar youth team at the under-19, under-23 level and most recently with the first team in 2017. In total, he has worked in Qatar for 16 years.