Galatasaray happy to follow Joao Felix on the club’s IG.

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Joao Felix made controversy again after hitting Galatasaray’s Instagram followers. Galatasaray president Dursun Ozbeck has addressed the case when Atletico Madrid forward Joao Felix followed the football club’s Instagram account. How important is the Turk team? Even if moving the team is not possible. According to a report from Mundo Deportivo on Thursday. 

Joao Felix’s football future will be one to watch this summer. After the player is about to return to Atletico Madrid after the end of his six-month loan deal with Chelsea UFABET. But the 23-year-old attacker may not stay with the Atleti team. due to a bad relationship with trainer Diego Simeone 

Before the Portuguese offensive line was linked to Galatasaray after the player. Followed the Instagram account of the owner of the latest Turkish Super League champion team, causing the fans of the famous Turk to dance. Follow each other and imagine the move to join the army of the players.

Galatasaray president Ozbeck spoke about the issue. ‘The fact that Joao Felix is ​​following Galatasaray shows how important Galatasaray is.’

It is unlikely that Galatasaray will be able to pay Atletico Madrid’s demands for the player. Although Atletico are reportedly open to considering offers for the pro attacker even the Turkish.