Martinez urges Argentina, Qatar to win World Cup

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Martinez urges Argentina, Qatar to win World Cup.

Emiliano Martinez, Aston Villa goalkeeper and Argentina national team Strongly said that the “blue-white” army went to play in the World Cup. This time only for the world championship.

The 30-year-old has been the national team’s No 1 since 2020 and was instrumental in Argentina’s recent Copa America triumph, their first since 1993. Achievements in Major Tournaments and traveling to the World Cup this time It will be his first time with the biggest tournament in the world of national football.

“I’m always telling myself I can do it, I can do it in the first game of the tournament,” said Martinez.

“We are going to Qatar. and only go for victory It will definitely be the hardest game of my life. Sometimes when you enter the stadium you hear the Argentina national anthem. I might cry. I am proud to be born Argentinian. And it will be a proud day for me and my family.”

A year earlier, Martinez nearly lost his father to a heart attack. And that makes the coming day a big day for him.

“It was a difficult year for me to travel from England to Argentina to visit him. and I will visit him as often as possible. I was looking forward to seeing his face when I heard the national anthem in our first game.”

“This team has the best players in the world in it. Of course we have a chance, we are 35 games unbeaten, winning the previous two. And we will fight for the world champion.”