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Summary of interesting statistics after halfway “Premier LeagueArsenal leads the league crowd – Sailboat wins the championship. The statistics are brilliant.

Premier League break time is complete. To make way for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. It will take about a month from now to compete in the biggest competition in national football. Here are the statistics so far for Premier League teams in the “first half” of the league.

Arsenal lead the Premier League table with 14 games. Wolverhampton Wanderers bottom after 15 games. Arsenal holding the record for the most wins at 12 games. While Wolves have won the fewest. 2 games

Arsenal draw the fewest with 1 game and lose the least together with Newcastle with the same number of games. But Arsenal played 14 games and Newcastle played 15 games.

Manchester City are the team with the most goals in 14 games. 40 goals and 247 shots, the most in the league.

Wolves scored the fewest goals in 15 games, 8 goals and 177 shots, with Bournemouth having the fewest shots on 122.

Liverpool are the team with the most shots on target with 88, level with Manchester City and Spurs, with Nottingham Forest the fewest with 45.

Arsenal and Newcastle share the record for the fewest goals conceded at 11, but Arsenal have played 14 games and Newcastle have played 15.

Arsenal and Newcastle They share the record for most clean sheets at 7 games. But Arsenal have played 14 games and Newcastle have played 15 games.

Kevin De Bruyne ranks first for finishing chances per game. Averaging 3.7 per game, followed by Andres Pereira with 2.6 per game.

Manchester City made the most passes with 9,550, followed by Liverpool with 8,454, while Bournemouth finished last with 5,290.

Manchester City claimed the most possession with an average of 66.6 per cent. Follow by Liverpool (62.1 per cent), while Bournemouth (62.1 per cent). ranked the plum in this story with an average of 38.1%

Liverpool topped the bench with the most side runs with 326. Follow by Spurs with 316, while Crystal Palace had the fewest with 177.

Manchester City have made 11,768 touches combine across all games play. While Nottingham Forest’s 7,965 are the fewest in the league.