Klopp admits he has never seen a game like this

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Klopp admits he has never seen a game like this after leading Liverpool to a 4-3 win over Fulham.

Liverpool was able to come back and beat Fulham after being led 3-2 in the 80th minute with a score of 4-3, causing Jurgen Klopp to come out and talk about this game.

Jurgen Klopp admitted he had never seen a game with such quality. Before after leading Liverpool to a 4-3 win over Fulham in the Premier League on Sunday night.

“The feeling after the game was very special. During the game there were moments where it was slightly different,” the Reds boss told reporters after the game.

“We changed the system a couple of times and it worked. It wasn’t always like that. An outstanding experience I think before the game, no one thought that it would be a game that would never be forgotten. With pleasure.”

“I’ve never had a game with so much quality. Macca did it in training. Trent’s free-kick was great. Wataru was very important. He played really well. Then Trent scored a goal but I didn’t see how it went in,” Klopp told ทางเข้า ufabet

In this match, the “Reds” had two lead goals but were defeated. “Chao Sua Noi” was able to equalize in the first half. While in the second half the home team was in control of the game throughout, it turned out that the visiting team had a goal to lead 3-2 in the 80th minute. 

Luckily, Wataru Endo, a substitute, came on to add another dimension to the team’s offensive game. and scored a goal that inspired the team before Trent Alexander-Arnold He will take on the role of a hero and take down his opponent and score the winning goal. The best